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Dealing with the Coronavirus

Covid-19 H&S Planning & Support


The 2020 pandemic of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been accompanied by a massive ‘infodemic.’ An infodemic, simply put, is an overabundance of information, good and bad. Together, it forms a virtual tsunami of data and advice that makes it hard for people in all walks of life to find clear messages, trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need them. Some of it is merely confusing, but some of the misinformation can be actively harmful to life. Addressing infodemics like this is a new, but centrally important, challenge in responding to all disease outbreaks.


With no sight of the pandemic ending any time soon, we have been working throughout this period and have been supporting our clients with (COVID-19) arrangements in line with the various UK government guidance and best practice.


We have provided COVID- 19 services that have included the following:

  • Online Health, Safety and Awareness training
  • Risk Assessments for various industry sectors
  • Advice and support to clients on how to achieve government guidance
  • Designed and produced Posters, documents for your simplicity that can be used
  • Interaction with Enforcement Officers – Environmental Health, HSE and Public Health
  • Safe procedures
  • Social distancing audits


Let us help you these challenging times to keep all your colleagues, their families, visitors, customers safe while you go about your working activities.

Public Health Notifications 


Employers have a part to play morally in notifying “Public Health” for the country where their workplace with 2+ confirmed cases of COVID 19 is located.  It is also important that you update public health if another confirmed case occurs 28 days after the first confirmed case date.


We can help you with this and have developed tools to make this process a lot easier.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Posters


  • £69.00 – Pre-populated Covid-19 Risk Assessment and 10 Posters ready to print
  • £49.00 – Pre-populated Covid-19 Risk Assessment
  • £30.00 – 10 Covid-19 Posters ready to print for your workplace

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